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What is Message Relay Service? What's the return policy for the chatr phone I bought? What's the warranty policy for the chatr phone I bought? Where can I review the chatr Terms of Service? How do I cancel my chatr service? How do I replace my chatr SIM card? Can I still use my device once chatr shuts down the 2G network?

How do I change my chatr phone number? How do I bring my phone number over from my current mobile or landline provider? I have a phone already.


Can I still activate it with chatr? Is Directory Assistance available with chatr? To access please dial from your chatr phone. Below are details on how to contact a phone manufacturer about their warranty.

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Find all your answers at chatr Terms of Service. Just stop toping up chatr account Since there are no term contracts with chatr, there are no cancellation fees for ending your service. Purchase your SIM card at any of our retailers or purchase it online. Check out our coverage map to find out more. When is chatr shutting down the 2G network? We will decommission our 2G network beginning December 31, What is 2G and why are we shutting it down?

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I went to my cousin's house who has Bell service and attached my phone to his phone jack and my phone RANG. I called Rogers and they said that my phone may not be compatible with their system. I think this is BS. I will give my phone on Tuesday to one of my colleagues who has Rogers phone service so he can test it himself. Anybody here who encountered the same problem?

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By the way, I have a 2. Any input would be appreciated. You have enemies? That means you stood up for something sometime in your life! Do you have more than one phone to check? When you test your phone somewhere else, did you bring your own phone cable too?

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So something's not right with the way my phone line was setup in my home. Stupid question.. Could be something really stupid like reverse polarity, but this would only be a factor if someone did a bad job of the wiring in your house. And reverse polarity almost never affects stuff these days. I know with rogers, you can pay extra for a certain kind of ring, perhaps you got the silent ring, your volume adjust is on low? BuildingHomes wrote: Stupid question.. I'm not sure why I need one.

This is one thing that my cousin and my colleague do not currently have. This may be a good lead Do they work okay?

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Good lord.. It's been this way for over years.. You can take a phone from years ago and plug it into todays telephone lines and it will work.. Because it's been a standard for that long. That sounds like some made up crap to get rid of you.

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Either way it sounds like they are not willing to figure out the issue. My guess is they aren't sending enough juice through the VOIP adapter to drive everything you have plugged into it. I spoke to Rogers Tech Support again yesterday and they said that my phone a 2. There are three likely causes for your line not ringing or losing caller ID: 1. Test for 1: Go around and get the REN numbers stamped on all of your phones.