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It took an average of 21 months to complete divorces that went to trial, compared to 6 months for cases that settled. Simplified divorce is available, but not common.

Do it yourself or have it done for you.

In order to be eligible for this expedited divorce track, all of the following must be true:. New Jersey Courts Family Division. Your participation will help inform others about their situation and options before proceeding with their divorce.

Your Spouse Does Not Respond to Divorce Papers: Can You Still Get Your New Jersey Divorce?

Skip to Main Content. How Long Does It Take? The divorce process typically ranges from 7 months to 24 months.

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Total Average Cost With Issues. Total Average Duration With Issues. The Cost of Divorce With Children Divorce involving child custody and child support issues drives up the cost of divorce due to the costs associated with child custody evaluations and possibly p sychological evaluations, plus the additional time your attorney must spend on your case. Going to Trial The most expensive type of divorce in New Jersey is one that goes to trial.

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Trial preparation typically includes: additional discovery and legal analysis drafting pre-trial motions and trial briefs preparing for witness testimony and cross examination, and preparing opening and closing statements. Proving your fault claims will take additional time for: more discovery and investigation reviewing evidence preparing these issues for trial, and more time in court, proving these issues to the judge.

In order to be eligible for this expedited divorce track, all of the following must be true: you and your spouse have no disputes about your income s or assets you have not raised any custody or parenting time issues you have been married less than five years and have no children you have entered into a property settlement agreement, and your divorce is uncontested. Depending on the nature of the individual case, the legal procedure for obtaining a divorce can take months, or even years.

When you are coping with the pain of a divorce, it can be all but impossible to effectively focus on the legal procedures that the termination of a marriage involves.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in New Jersey?

To make matters even more challenging for divorcees, divorce and family law is often further complicated by disagreements arising between the parties regarding the children or marital estate. The New Jersey Courts advise against representing yourself in a divorce case , known as a pro se filing. To quote a statement from the Courts:. You are strongly advised to have an attorney represent you. This is particularly true if you must make decisions as to property, custody, visitation and support.

At Maselli Warren, our New Jersey family law lawyers understand the sensitive and often painful nature of divorce. We have over 25 years of experience assisting clients across New Jersey initiate the divorce process, obtain child custody, negotiate plans for child and spousal support, and evaluate the division of assets and property. We serve communities in Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth, Hunterdon, Ocean, Mercer, and Somerset Counties, and we pledge to provide compassionate, respectful, efficient, and affordable representation for all of our New Jersey divorce clients.

Photo from www. In most cases, if a couple wishes to divorce, at least one of the spouses must have been a New Jersey resident for a minimum of 12 months prior to filing a complaint for divorce.

However, if the cause for the divorce is adultery, the residency requirement is waived, and a divorce can be sought immediately. Adultery, or marital infidelity, is one of nine grounds for divorce recognized by the state of New Jersey. In addition to adultery, New Jersey recognizes the following causes as grounds for a fault-based divorce:. October 14, Read More. Trusted Partners.

New Jersey family law can be complex and overwhelming. Online Payment Center. As you know, by the time I was referred to you, I was I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you have done for me.

6 Legal Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

As you know, by the time I was referred to you, I was traumatized. Although I had succeeded in being granted a restraining order from my ex-boyfriend, no one had ever warned me that he could appeal the judgment. The appeals paperwork the courts wanted me to submit was intimidating and overwhelming. And on top of the stress of the domestic violence situation, it was just too much. Then you came into the picture. Your confidence and candor was exactly what I needed. Knowing I had someone in my corner was an enormous weight lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you for always keeping me informed.

You gave me all sides, honestly, so that I could make informed decisions when they needed to be made.

Everyone in your office that I came in contact with was both friendly and knowledgeable. I am very grateful to you for successfully defending the appeal of my Domestic Violence Restraining Order.