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Haywood County, North Carolina: Bibles, biographies, cemeteries, census, North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, includes Haywood County Haywood County Deeds (Source: USGenWeb North Carolina Archives).

Massachusetts Correctional Institution (MCI) - Shirley Information

When will you, the taxpayer, become outraged? When will your ire replace the apathy that belays commonsense? This is a state, a country, and a land that is founded in second chances. If you were ever afforded the tragic opportunity to tread the pathways of MCI Shirley you would witness first hand the systemic failures.

There are guards everywhere — sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and multitudes of line staff — but each and every day some rehabilitative aspect of the prison is shut down due to "under-staffing. The DOC has employees for about 12, prisoners. The guard's union has injected so much propaganda that even Hitler would be proud of their achievements. The time has come to reorganize the prison budget, to use these vast taxpayer dollars to actually protect the safety of the public. We must terminate the excess of secretaries, deputies, assistants, aides, clerks, etc.

Prisoners who earn that degree in prison do not come back: they do not commit any more crimes. Did you know UMass offered to come into the prisons and provide college courses for free? The DOC rejected them. Did you know that Fitchburg State had a free program at ShirleyWorld but the facility failed to support it? The reason for the folly is that there is no money in it for the DOC to have these programs.

Prisoners need real job training. Prisoners need transitional housing in lower security prisons. Such prisons cost only a fraction of what it costs to run the higher security prisons as they need less staff. This is why the guard's union fights this at every turn.

What Does Massachusetts’s Prison System Look Like?

Please join forces with those who have a plan for real and effective public safety reform. MIM Prisons responds: This comrade does a good job exposing the Massachusetts prison system's lack of interest in rehabilitation and education.

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It is true that in Massachusetts, and across the country, prisons are providing good jobs to guards who have formed strong unions to lobby effectively for expansion of the system. It is a system whose employees have every interest in expansion and no interest in rehabilitation. The very fact that education has been proven to dramatically reduce recidivism but prisons across the country have cut or eliminated education programs is clear evidence. Further, programs such as MIM Prisons 's led study groups are censored as a threat to the safety and security of the prison.

It's not the criminal injustice system that cares about safety and security, they care about job security and social control. And prisons conveniently provide both: locking up the oppressed nation lumpen who might organize against imperialism and giving jobs to the labor aristocracy in the prisons. But we disagree with this prisoner that tax payers are going to become outraged and fight this system. These dogs are getting a second chance at life, and it is with the help of the inmates and correctional staff involved.

Prison Visiting Policies Are About to Change in Massachusetts

Since its beginning just one year ago, the Prison Pups Program at OCCC has fostered 49 dogs and 43 of those dogs have found their forever homes. Recently, Capt.

We are extremely proud of the wonderful work that Capt. Kenneally, Officer Roderiques, and the inmate handlers have done in training and caring for these wonderful animals. We recognize the Prison Pups Program as a first class reflection of the goals and values of the Last Hope K9 Animal Rescue, and congratulate everyone involved with the program. Despite the unexpected request for an extensive training initiative, the remarkably talented Division of Staff Development instructors developed a unique training program for the training staff of Correct Care Recovery Solutions CCRS.

The training consisted of a three-day program, held on-site at Bridgewater State Hospital, August 30 th , August 31 st and September 1 st. Each day was devoted to teaching general procedural skills which also included hands-on experience. Our array of cutting-edge techniques is steeped in extensive experience gained from working with hundreds of offenders at all levels. We are confident that the facilitation of this positive training experience will help CCRS to achieve their goals while serving their population and strengthening the skills of their staff.


During the event, topics of discussion were motivation, religion, and overcoming adversity and hardships. The guest speakers shared their own real life stories, leading to their most recent Super Bowl victory. In addition to the game featuring the largest comeback ever, it also featured the first overtime in Super Bowl history. Upon completion of the presentation, inmates were afforded the opportunity to conduct a question and answer period with the two guests. Everyone really showed genuine appreciation for the special appearance and thanked the guests for their dedication, care and commitment that they showed to the community.

MCI-Norfolk inmates eat in their housing units and the food is delivered to the units through a series of tunnels and dumb waiters. In order to search a facility the size of Norfolk, it takes a number of days and a lot of resources. Hand held metal detectors are used to search yard and garden areas for weapons and other contraband.

MA DOC Information

Tactical K-9 officers utilize drug and cell phone detection dogs to search offices, cells and common areas for contraband. As a result of the comprehensive search, MCI-Norfolk is a safer facility. Often when inmates realize that a shakedown is occurring, they will destroy or flush contraband down the toilet, so as not to have it discovered in their possession.

Either way, the results are the same, because the contraband is removed from the facility. There were a number of weapons, drugs and other contraband discovered during the search. One of the more interesting finds was the discovery of books of stamps that had been hidden in canteen items.

These sites offer cash for certain types of postage stamps. Forever stamps are typically the most valuable. Large caches of stamps are sometimes used to settle gambling or drug debts among prisoners. These types of shakedowns are not done often because they are resource intensive, but they do serve as an important tool for running safe and secure prisons. Kudos to all the staff that helped to make this search a success. While any weapon that is manufactured in prison is dangerous, weapons which can avoid detection are among the most dangerous. Hardened plastic weapons are extremely dangerous because they can avoid detection by metal detectors that are deployed strategically throughout our prisons.

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  • These weapons have been recovered for years throughout many facilities. First you need a source of plastic, one of the most common sources is the clear portable radios that inmates can purchase in the canteen. Next you need a heat source. They pull the cardboard middle out of a roll of toilet paper and pull the middle of the paper up to form a cone shape.

    They light the top of the cone shape on fire and it burns like a concentrated flame. They often balance the lit toilet paper roll on the edge of the stainless toilet seat, so that if they need to get rid of the evidence quickly, it can be extinguished and flushed in seconds. Next they need to form the weapon. The dangerous plastic weapon is sometimes made more dangerous by rubbing fecal matter into the tip.

    That would certainly increase the risk for infection. There are many challenges in a correctional setting and corrections officers need to be vigilant while conducting their rounds and looking for the remnants of materials used to create these weapons.

    Al LePage. LePage contacted Superintendent Allison Hallett about the possibility of performing his one-person reading of the Dickens classic Christmas Carol.

    Inside Mass. prison's different approach to criminal justice