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Haywood County, North Carolina: Bibles, biographies, cemeteries, census, North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, includes Haywood County Haywood County Deeds (Source: USGenWeb North Carolina Archives).

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You must log in or register to reply here. Post thread. CPUs and Overclocking. Consumer-SOS Step by step on what to do. Find out who it belongs to. Sent a letter to the wrong address? Find out who got it and call them! Also, good for sending Surprise birthday gifts- You never need to ask them for their address.

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Locating People Overseas. In Google, change the name to the one you want and press enter. If the website gives you a page of the same last name, search by first name by pressing the Ctrl button and F on your keyboard. Then type in only the first name and hit enter to get there quickly. This resource doesn't have everybody but it gives a lot of good data if you find them. Is it A Home or Cell Phone?

Enter in the area code and phone number to see if the prefix is "Cellular". For landlines it will simply list the first three digits without the word "Cellular". Use the free age lookups to match their name with their age and relatives. Then copy down their contact info! Much more comprehensive than the Internet phone books.

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Phone s are a place to start but not necessarily current. Works for lawyers, doctors, insurance salesmen and anyone else who has their own company or who needs a license to practice their profession. Don't forget to put the domain name through a Whosis lookup or their address, email or phone number. Click Here for another site that uses reverse lookups to get websites. For Best Results: Search by all 4 if you have this info. An email address may turn up sites not listed under their business, and vice versa.

For common names, search by email or something tied to owner. Internet Phone Books Consumer-SOS Use their name to find a phone , or find more about them through their phone , email or physical address. Unknown email address? Is it A Landline or Cell Phone? See who currently owns it.

Find Their Email Adresss. Email Validators Is it a working email or a one way trip to the Bermuda Triangle? See Backup Link as well.

Emails are a place to start but not necessarily current. Works for lawyers, doctors, insurance salesmen and anyone else who has their own company or who must be licensed to practice their profession. Don't forget to put the domain name through a Whosis lookup for their address, email or phone number.

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Want to background who it belongs to. Google might tell you. Addresses are a place to start but not necessarily current. Records may show party affiliation, and an address. You will need DOB and county. Find Their Current Address Sleuth For The Truth Blog Find current addresses through real property, professional licenses, bankruptcies, voting records, arrest records and more. Learn if it's a home, business or mail drop. Tried twice without success: Post Office won't follow its own rules. Not a problem as long as they moved less than 18 months ago and left the Post Office a forwarding address.

Simply send a stamped envelope to the person's last known address and include your return address on the top left corner of the envelope like in a normal letter.

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Then just below your return address be sure to include these magic words " Return Service Requested " These buzz words are called an endorsement. When the Post Office receives the letter with the endorsement, they'll send it back to you along with the person's new forwarding address. Match a name with their photo or age so you know you got the right person.

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Broken Link Even with Google Cache? Enter web address into the Way Back Machine and hit "take me back". Shows info on website from years ago. US Search. Then look them up in the appropriate state, county and city databases. For search tricks click here. Plug the web address into the Way Back Machine by entering the website URL in the search box and hitting "take me back". For more on Counties, click Here. For more on Cities, click Here. Then do a records search in that county. Can even do a name search for homes in other states! Companies might have land, equipment or other assets. Pierce the corporate veil. If the owner is using the company as their alter ego, you might be able to get their assets.

Also see what else they own through criminal and bankruptcy records! Includes pensions. Find their name and contact information through their license plate which may also reveal the car they own as well as month of birth. Their Intellectual Property Consumer-SOS Find out all about their websites , copyrights , trademarks , brand names and international patents. Protecting Your Intellectual Property Consumer-SOS Get free email alerts of possible infringement so you can stop others from using your research, trademark or invention.