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How Far Back Do Employment Background Checks Go, How Many Years

Criminal background checks are a whole different story. This means that you could potentially see convictions that happened 50 years ago.

While this is beneficial to you as a business owner, it can also create biases against otherwise good candidates. How can this happen? Imagine that a background report reveals that an older applicant committed a crime when they were Will you let this single red flag stop you from hiring them? This decision is yours alone.

Instead, you should follow fair hiring rules and regulations and determine whether or not this conviction will affect their eligibility for the role. Depending on the level of responsibility or the type of conviction you might decide to overlook the conviction and hire them anyway. While there are no federal limitations, 12 states at the time of writing this article have passed their own laws to limit how far back a background check can go.

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These laws go into effect depending on the salary of the position being applied for and limit the criminal background check for convictions to 7 years. States that limit criminal background checks by salary:.

Before the Background Check

Answered August 24, Asked August 8, Answered September 13, Asked September 17, I interviewed yesterday I did my background check today I'm waiting the results. Answered February 14, Asked April 22, Answered October 27, Asked March 7, Not to my knowlege, as long you you show up for work on time with a ready to work attitude then you will not have a problem.

The job dose not require you to drive. Answered October 12, Asked July 16, Within the next week or sooner.

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Thank you for letting us know your still interested in the position. Answered September 9, Asked February 26, Answered October 4, Asked September 4, Answered September 17, Asked June 1, Answered September 26, Asked March 14, There is, however, language that prohibits the reporting of non-conviction information beyond 7 years. Based on the FCRA, it allows non — conviction criminal information to be reported for up to 7 years. According to the FCRA the law goes as follows:.

The seven year reporting period starts when the adverse information is first filed or entered into the record.


The lower court decided that the drug charge could be reported for seven years from the date of the drug charge Therefore the 7 year clock ends in Because of this rule, set by the FCRA, it has made the standard 7 years. Some states have their own specific rules, but all states must comply with Federal law. Please leave a comment below to tell us your thoughts.

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