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Haywood County, North Carolina: Bibles, biographies, cemeteries, census, North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, includes Haywood County Haywood County Deeds (Source: USGenWeb North Carolina Archives).

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Today's Change Close Day's Trend. Shareholding for the Period Ended September 30, Announcement. Closure of Trading Window Announcement. More Neogen Chemicals Ltd. Neogen Chemicals Announcements. Share Price Updates. ET Buzz on Neogen Chemicals. What's your view on Neogen Chemicals for the week? Post as Guest New User? Join Now. We will never share or display your Email. You will be notified, only if others like your post. Post as Guest. Neogen Chemicals Ltd Share Price.

Better performer than its peers on this ratio Average performer than its peers on this ratio Underperformer than its peers on this ratio. Neogen Chemicals Ltd Share Holding as on Category No. Veterinary pharmaceuticals. Top NeogenVet products include PanaKare, a digestive aid that serves as a replacement therapy where digestion of protein, carbohydrate and fat is inadequate due to exocrine pancreatic insufficiency; Natural Vitamin E-AD, which aids in the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies in swine, cattle and sheep; and RenaKare, a supplement for potassium deficiency in cats and dogs.

Other products sold under the NeogenVet brand include Vita and Liver 7, which are used in the treatment and prevention of nutritional deficiencies. The Company also manufactures and markets Uniprim, a leading veterinary antibiotic. Veterinary biologics. Veterinary OTC products. Animal Safety products offered by Neogen to the retail over-the-counter OTC market include Ideal brand veterinary instruments packaged for the retail market. OTC products also include Stress-Dex, an oral electrolyte replacer for performance horses, and Fura-Zone, for the prevention and treatment of surface bacterial infections in wounds, burns and cutaneous ulcers.

Ag-Tek and other hoof care, disposables and artificial insemination supplies are marketed to the dairy and veterinary industries.

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Neogen offers several rodenticide active ingredients including diphacinone, bromethalin, brodifacoum, and zinc phosphide formulated with food grade ingredients to generate the highest acceptance and most palatable bait possible. Cleaners and disinfectants. The products also are used in the veterinary clinic market to maintain sanitary conditions and limit the potential hazards of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Animal genomics services. With state-of-the-art genetics laboratories and the comprehensive bioinformatics to interpret genetic test results, Neogen offers identity and trait determination and analysis.

This information has helped livestock producers make significant improvements in the genomic makeup and overall quality of their animals.

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Table of Contents Life sciences. The test kits are also used for human forensic toxicology drug screening applications.

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This line includes tests for narcotics, analgesics, stimulants, depressants, tranquilizers, anesthetics, steroids and diuretics. Neogen also has several products used by researchers for the detection of biologically active substances. Many of the products and services in the Animal Safety segment use licensed technology. To reach each customer and prospect with expertise and experience, Neogen has a staff of specialized food safety sales and technical service representatives assigned to specific markets. This staff sells Company products directly to end users, and also handles technical support issues that arise with customers in the United States and Canada.

Neogen markets a broad range of pharmaceuticals, vitamin injectables, wound care products, topicals, instruments, genomics services and biologicals to the veterinary market. The product range is focused on the food e. Neogen further supports its veterinary distribution channel through product training, field support, promotions and technical service. The Company believes the animal health market offers growth opportunities for Neogen and its products.

Neogen offers a broad range of products including well-recognized brands of rodenticides, cleaners and disinfectants, insecticides, instruments and horse care products. Support includes product training, field support, planogram solutions, promotions and advertising. Table of Contents As a commercial laboratory, GeneSeek provides genomics services direct to large-herd beef and dairy cattle, swine, poultry and sheep producers, universities and other research organizations, and various livestock and canine breed associations.

Neogen maintains 10 Company-owned locations outside of the United States to provide a direct presence in regions of particular importance to the Company, and maintains an extensive network of distributors to reach countries where the Company does not have a direct presence. Neogen Europe. Neogen Europe, Ltd. In other European regions, customers are generally serviced by distributors managed by Neogen Europe personnel.

In August , Neogen acquired the stock of Lab M Holdings Lab M , a developer, manufacturer and supplier of microbiological culture media and diagnostic systems located in Heywood, England. Neogen do Brasil. Brazil is one of the world leaders in the export of numerous food commodities, including beef, poultry, soybeans, coffee, sugar and orange juice, and this operation gives the Company direct sales representation to these important markets.

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Neogen owns Deoxi Biotecnologia Ltda, a genomics testing laboratory located in Aracatuba, Brazil, which it purchased in April Neogen China. The Company utilizes both direct sales representatives and distributors to market its complete portfolio. Neogen India. In late fiscal , Neogen transferred sales responsibility for its Food Safety products directly to sales representatives at Neogen India. Neogen Canada. Currently, this office is used for genomics sales and sample reception, and reports through the Animal Safety segment.

Dairy antibiotics distributor.

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Hansen, an international supplier of natural ingredient solutions for the food, health and nutritional industries. Other distributor partners. Outside of the Company locations and dairy antibiotics distributor mentioned above, Neogen uses its own sales managers in both the Food Safety and Animal Safety segments to work closely with and coordinate the efforts of a network of approximately distributors in more than countries.

The distributors provide local training and technical support, perform market research and promote Company products within designated countries around the world.

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  4. Sales to customers outside the United States accounted for Neogen has ongoing development projects for a number of new and improved diagnostic tests and other complementary products for both the food safety and animal safety markets. Management expects that a number of these products will be commercially available at various times during fiscal years to Portions of certain technologies utilized in some products manufactured and marketed by Neogen were acquired from or developed in collaboration with affiliated partnerships, independent scientists, governmental units, universities and other third parties.

    The Company has entered into agreements with these parties that provide for the payment of license fees and royalties based upon sales of products that utilize the pertinent technology.

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    Neogen uses trade secrets as proprietary protection in many of its food and animal safety products. In many cases, the Company has developed unique antibodies capable of detecting microorganisms and residues at minute levels. The supply of these antibodies, and the proprietary techniques utilized for their development, may offer better protection than the filing of patents. Such proprietary reagents are maintained in secure facilities and stored in more than one location to reduce exposure to complete destruction by natural disaster or other means.

    Patent and trademark applications are submitted whenever appropriate. Since its inception, Neogen has acquired and received numerous patents and trademarks, and has several pending patents and trademarks. The patents expire at various times over the next 22 years. A summary of patents by product categories follows:. Life Sciences. Genomics Services. The Company does not expect the near-term expiration of any patent to have a significant effect on future results of operations.

    Management believes that Neogen has adequate protection regarding proprietary rights for its products. These licenses may not be available on commercially reasonable terms. Failure to obtain any such licenses may delay or prevent the sale of certain new or existing products. In addition, patent litigation is not uncommon. One of the major areas affecting the success of biotechnology development involves the time, cost and uncertainty surrounding regulatory approvals.

    These include validation by the AOAC International, independently administered third-party, multi-laboratory collaborative studies and approvals by the U. Future demand increases could be accommodated by adding shifts. Food safety diagnostics. Dehydrated culture media products are manufactured in a FDA-registered facility in Lansing and also in Heywood, England.