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Haywood County, North Carolina: Bibles, biographies, cemeteries, census, North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, includes Haywood County Haywood County Deeds (Source: USGenWeb North Carolina Archives).

California Superior Courts Lookup Find web sites for California superior, supreme, and appellate court case information. Connecticut Connecticut Judicial Branch Case Lookup Access records for civil, family, criminal, motor vehicle, housing, juvenile, and small claims cases.

Court Reporter Adams County, IL (866) 357-1796 Illinois

Dade County Criminal Cases Lookup Search case record files for criminal justice and civil infraction case information. Lake County Court Case Lookup Access the court records database of the clerk of the circuit and county court for Lake county. Lee County Court Case Lookup Search court records for criminal, civil, small claims, family, and probate case information. Nassau County Official Records Access public civil, criminal, and traffic case information. Volusia County Court Cases Search online records of the clerk of the circuit court of Volusia county.

Cherokee County Magistrate Court File claims online. Hawaii Hawaii State Judiciary's Public Access to Court Information Criminal and civil case information filed in the circuit and family courts and certain civil cases of the district courts. Champaign County Circuit Case Lookup Search for traffic, civil, criminal, small claims, probate or city ordinance case records. Anderson County District Court Records Access Anderson county court calendar, probate records and district court current case information. Shawnee County District Court Records Search the third judicial district court records by case number or last name.

Kentucky Supreme Court of Kentucky Case Information Find oral arguments calendar, most recent opinions, monthly case summary report. The library director should have substantial experience or relevant knowledge of library management. Many county public law libraries are related to an organization, institution, or government entity.

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In those cases, personnel from the related entity should be accessible to the library staff to support administrative, clerical,technical,and information technology functions. All library staff should be given the opportunity to pursue a program of professional development that is relevant to the interests of the law library.

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The opportunity should include financial assistance. The library staff should be encouraged to participate in local,regional,and national professional law library associations. The library staff should participate in conferences and online discussion groups as part of ongoing professional development and education. The library and any branch library should be housed in the same building or in close proximity to the courts to provide convenient library access by county officials, judges, court personnel, prosecutors and public defender staff, attorneys, litigants, the general public, and county jail inmates.

Where appropriate, branch libraries should be considered at satellite court facilities. Attention should be given to existing building standards and floor loading capacity.

Shelving should be arranged in a manner that allows for easy access to the print collection. There also should be sufficient shelving or provision to permit adequate space for growth of the collection. Space and facilities should be provided for the use and storage of non-print and fragile materials under environmentally sound conditions. Public computers with printers should be made available to access commercial electronic services and the Internet. There should be suitable and adequate equipment, work space, and comfortable seating for the library staff and users.

Proper lighting and temperature control including heating, ventilation, air conditioning,and humidity control also should be included. There should be suitable and adequate security for the protection of library staff, users, and the collection. Appropriate security measures may include an emergency preparedness plan, panic buttons, and security cameras in addition to or in lieu of trained security personnel. The library should have networked connectivity for Internet access and office applications.

The library should provide sufficient electrical outlets and equipment for photocopying, printing, scanning, and digital transmission. Directories, library guides, and signage to assist customers should be readily available and visible.

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There should be suitable and adequate space and equipment for training and educational programming,meetings, private attorney-client consultation, and legal clinics. The library should augment its resources through interlibrary loans, cooperative agreements, networks, and in-house and remote on line electronic services.

Library policies approved by the governing entity such as those addressing reference assistance and access procedures should be conspicuously available to advise users. Libraries are encouraged to seek partnerships with local legal service providers. Information access services should be appropriate for the community being served, including the availability of library materials in languages other than English. The library should provide access to the Internet for users.

An appropriate use policy, including time restrictions, may be developed for approval by the governing entity. Collection Development A written collection development policy should address selection of materials and services, discarding of materials, and the acceptance and disposition of gifts.

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The library director should implement the approved collection development policy or delegate the duty to a qualified staff member. All materials should be current and complete with respect to editions, continuations, supplementation and replacements. Multiple copies or additional access to heavily used materials is recommended. Superseded materials housed in the library should be clearly indicated and may be retained when useful. The library should acquire and provide access to legal information in the most appropriate format based on economic, technical, environmental,and customer considerations.

The library director should have the authority to join information networks to aid in acquiring,sharing, and providing access to materials and services. Participation in cooperative networking agreements may provide assistance in purchasing and the sharing of resources. Appropriate selection tools should be consulted to allow informed decisions related to all library resources. Access to the Collection and Cataloging Materials in the collection, regardless of format, should be cataloged and classified in a system promoting convenient identification and retrieval of materials by staff and library users.

The library should belong to or otherwise utilize a network for cataloging and related library services. Complete holdings information should be included on library records to facilitate electronic access and sharing of information. The library catalog and other files should be created and maintained in electronic format based on national standards. Callahan Jr.

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Canellis Jr. Carmody, Matthew J. Carroll, James R. Carroll, Thomas J. Search Judges.

Court of Appeals of Virginia Unpublished Opinions

Divisions All Assignments. Child Protection. Domestic Relations. Domestic Violence. Juvenile Justice. Circuit Judge. Associate Judge. Ammendola, Marina Circuit Judge. Antonietti, Erin Haggerty Circuit Judge. Araujo, Mauricio Circuit Judge. Atcherson, Sophia Associate Judge.

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Baird, Callie Lynn Associate Judge. Balanoff, Robert Circuit Judge. Ball-Reed, Patrice Associate Judge.